Indeed with Miscavige he talks about intercourse during the a terrible trend tend to


Indeed with Miscavige he talks about intercourse during the a terrible trend tend to

One thing I have had experience in. My personal favorite way of guaranteeing my correspondence could have been gotten was sending from the FedEx trademark required. Yes, some one at work signs for it, but it’s likely to get interest than simply current email address and you will additional forms.

Taunting people. And come up with fun of these etcetera an such like. Zero details about Hubbard apart from what is actually secure when you look at the Barefaced Messiah or any other towns and cities.

My choice – Miscavige try impotent and can’t obtain it up. The guy detests college students, detests gender, dislikes anyone – exactly what did LRH state regarding anybody by doing this?

Reckon there’s two individuals that has learn – Shelly and TC. Not surprising Shelly might have been disappeared and you will Miscavige provides TC’s files.

Newcomer, Idle Morgue, and that i Yawn: my personal idols, stating just what way too many have think, but did not have the latest will.

A number of the signs into the DHS’s own website is duplicated verbatim and are also below (with my statements from inside the parentheses, considering my very restricted “never-in” understanding):

A) Does the person are available disconnected off members of the family, loved ones, people teams, otherwise domiciles off praise? (of course, and you can DHS also spends the definition of “disconnected”)

B) Provides a child stopped probably college or university? (as the Ranch has started shuttered, there are numerous most other “schools” you might want to below are a few to make sure they’re upwards on the informative requirements you would expect out of every college students)

But have zero experience with bodily sexual abuse into his account

C) Gets the person had a rapid otherwise remarkable change in conclusion? (I might imagine this become the outcome for some all the the fresh new Ocean Org associate)

D) Is the people unclear otherwise baffled, otherwise exhibiting signs and symptoms of intellectual otherwise physical punishment? (you have got plenty of societal testimony about your mental and physical abuses of one David Miscavige particularly)

E) ‘s the individual fearful, timid, otherwise submissive? (however, here is what keeps extremely them, Ocean Org user or social Scientologist, “in-line”, considering the concern about disconnection being submissive by just supposed along with the church’s wants/instructions to hold their loved ones undamaged)

Inside my study of comparative cults, whenever an individual frontrunner becomes that much fuel, including LRH and you will Miscaivage, there has long been some sort of intimate immorality/punishment perpetrated from the frontrunner

F) Does the person show signs and symptoms of having been refuted eating, liquids, bed, or medical care? (wade listed below are some folks who are currently traditions, or perhaps to be much more real, daddyhunt coupons “imprisoned” on the Gap towards Int Base otherwise to the RPF)

G) Is the person have a tendency to with someone to whom he/she defers? Otherwise somebody who seems to be in control of the trouble, e.grams., where they go otherwise whom it correspond with? (look at the partner from the therefore-titled church’s individual “Ecclesiastical Commander” from the the girl history personal looks from the the woman dad’s funeral service in 2007)

I) Is the person living in a bad conditions? (perchance you will be use the regional/state dept. out of public fitness for the Hole to accomplish an examination and also to me)

J) Do the individual use up all your personal assets and appearance not to have a steady life situation? (bing “Bohemian Rhapsody songs chair” and you may tell me if it seems that a few of these person’s lifestyle activities might be considered “stable”)

K) Really does anyone possess versatility of movement? Is also the individual freely log off where they live? Have there been unreasonable security measures? (once again, you need to take a look at Gap at the Int Ft to track down ways to these types of questions…..that’s, once they will also let you into the considering the “unrealistic security features” from the Int Legs)

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